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Build faster and more securely on Google Cloud Platform with Wiz

As soon as you connect Wiz to your cloud environment API, Wiz scans your entire cloud stack, not just the infrastructure layer. Wiz uses a unique technology to scan deep within VMs and containers without needing an agent, analyzing all of your workloads even if a resource isn't online.

Breadth across multiple clouds

You can connect Wiz to all of your cloud environments, whether public cloud like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform or on premises like OpenShift. Wiz also connects to managed container services and your self-managed Kubernetes clusters.

Agentless coverage of everything

Because Wiz scans all the VMs and containers in your cloud environment without the need to deploy an agent, you don't have coverage gaps created by resources without the agent installed. Wiz also covers short-lived resources created on the fly for autoscaling, which agents can't scan.

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How Wiz protects your Google workloads

5-minute agentless deployment

Wiz is a 100% API-based solution with no agents and a single connector per cloud​ environment.

Complete coverage of every workload

Covers the entire cloud stack including all VMs, containers, serverless, and PaaS.

Analysis beyond simple configuration checks

Models effective security posture by compiling all settings, compensating controls, and relationships.

Detects toxic combinations of issues

Finds the issues that when combined together make your cloud susceptible to a breach.

Automation to get issues fixed quickly

Routes issues to the right people in the right application to fix them and automatically tracks resolution.

Create a culture of security across teams

Project-based access for development and DevOps teams to manage and remediate issues.

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“Best User Experience I have ever seen, provides full visibility to cloud workloads.”
David EstlickCISO
“Wiz provides a single pane of glass to see what is going on in our cloud environments.”
Adam FletcherChief Security Officer
“We know that if Wiz identifies something as critical, it actually is.”
Greg PoniatowskiHead of Threat and Vulnerability Management