BlogRecap: Wiz innovations at Google Cloud NEXT ‘23

Recap: Wiz innovations at Google Cloud NEXT ‘23

The integration of Wiz’s CNAPP and Google Cloud helps both cloud defenders and builders improve security and innovate faster.

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TL;DR - Google Cloud NEXT ‘23 was jam packed with new product releases, in-booth and cloud talks as part of our sponsorship, magical mixers with SADA, Fortinet & Intel, and tons of swag for our attendees! We announced new and innovative capabilities for Google Cloud customers to help their security and development teams secure everything they build in the cloud. The new innovations include: 

  • BigQuery support: Wiz extends sensitive data scanning for Google BigQuery, helping customers identify critical cloud risks before they become threats 

  • Wiz for AI: A new capability to help detect leakage and poisoning of data in Vertex AI, empowering data scientists and engineers build more AI applications faster and responsibly 

  • Digital Forensics: Wiz helps customers simplify cloud forensics for investigating security incidents, so security teams can move quicker to containment, eradication, and recovery 

  • New threat detection rules: Our CDR capabilities now extend to Google Workspace, allowing customers to identify suspicious events in near real-time and protect their environment 

More value for Google Cloud defenders and builders 

The partnership between Wiz and Google Cloud enhances Google Cloud’s highly performant global infrastructure and native tools and technologies with Wiz’s contextual view. This helps joint customers understand the real risks that cybersecurity threats pose to their businesses. Cloud defenders can prioritize remediation efforts across their Google Cloud and multi-cloud deployments, while cloud builders can focus on innovative code to develop applications securely. 

Our new capabilities provide Google Cloud defenders and builders with a modernized approach to protect their resources against security risks such as sensitive data exposure, excessive permissions, and more. In case you missed it, here is a recap of those announcements. 

Broader cloud data coverage for BigQuery 

This year we announced the general availability of Wiz for DSPM, our industry-leading data security solution. Today, we are excited to extend data scanning for Google BigQuery, helping joint customers protect their cloud data and respond to data breaches before they happen. Wiz for DSPM scans and classifies sensitive data such as PCI, PHI, and PII and fixes cloud data exposure before it becomes a costly breach. We also recently released a new data findings explorer to help customers easily apply filters, including ground findings by resource or data classifier to focus their investigation. 

Easily scan Google BigQuery for sensitive data directly from the Wiz platform.

Vertex AI support to protect AI infrastructure against cloud attacks 

Wiz recently announced extended support for Google Cloud's Vertex AI, helping security teams empower their data scientists and engineers to deploy more useful AI applications faster and responsibly. Now, Wiz customers can build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale while ensuring they are effectively monitoring and managing the security risks associated with managing AI/ML models in Google Cloud. With Vertex AI support, organizations can easily detect data leakage by identifying which machine learning models trained on sensitive datasets have exposure through endpoints with misconfigured permissions. Wiz also protects customers from data poisoning, which helps prevent attackers from uploading false data to the storage buckets where the model is trained. 

Wiz Security Graph helps identify misconfigurations and sensitive data behind Vertex AI services.

End-to-end cloud forensics experience for Google Cloud customers 

Wiz recently announced that we are the first CNAPP to provide end-to-end cloud forensics experience for customers. We are excited to release this functionality to Google Cloud customers, helping them simplify incident response in the cloud for faster investigation of security incidents. Wiz’s digital forensics capabilities will help joint customers quickly understand what the incident root cause was and the potential blast radius. With the newly added blast radius support, customers can now conduct root cause and impact analysis for their incident investigation. Faster investigation and response can limit the blast radius of a threat and speeds hardening of the environment, reducing the likelihood of future breaches. 

Forensics blast radius report showing the root cause and impact analyses of security risks.

Detect suspicious Google Workspace activity with new threat detection rules 

Wiz extends its Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) capabilities to Google Workspace, enabling Google Cloud customers to identify threats in near real-time and protect their environment. We released 50+ new threat detection rules to identify suspicious Google Workspace events such as a large number of failed logins followed by a successful login to Google Workspace by a highly privileged user. The new CDR capabilities enable customers to quickly detect and respond to threats in Google Workspace and ensure they do not become incidents in their Google Cloud environment. 

New threat detection rules for Google Workspace.

Secure everything you build and run in Google Cloud 

Wiz works together with Google Cloud to help you answer the most complex questions related to cloud security, compliance, and risk via a unique agentless solution that is easy to deploy and maintain and does not interfere with performance. The deep integration of Wiz’s Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) with Google Cloud helps customers improve security and accelerate cloud adoption while staying in control of their environment. As a result, our shared customers, both Google Cloud defenders and builders, can reduce time to value and innovate quickly – and safely – in the cloud. 

Wiz is a premier partner of Google Cloud and supports our customers’ Google Cloud adoption and modernization journey. To learn more about Wiz, visit us in the Google Cloud Marketplace or if you prefer a live demo, we would love to connect with you. 

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