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Wiz has helped hundreds of organizations, including 40% of the Fortune 100, improve their security posture and gain operational efficiency.

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Lack of visibility is one of the leading cloud challenges faced by security practitioners today. Single-cloud environments have already foiled the traditional approach to identifying cloud resources and risk. Hybrid environments have only complicated this further. As a result, cloud security attempts are scattered, sluggish, and sub-optimal.  

Such was the case with asset management leader Bridgewater, until they sought a clear view of their cloud environments to understand the impact of Log4Shell and prioritize remediation activity.

The Log4Shell situation highlighted how remarkable Wiz is. The cloud went from our least understood to our most understood space, and that was entirely due to Wiz.

Igor Tsyganskiy, Bridgewater CTO

Let’s examine how Wiz has similarly helped hundreds of organizations to not only get full visibility into their cloud environment thereby enhancing their security, but also streamlining operations and revamping their cloud operating model to accelerate their business objectives. 

Improve your security posture  

Visibility is the cornerstone of a robust security posture. Without it, organizations operate blindly. Many companies attempt to address this issue through labor-intensive methods, relying on manual inventory compilation and security reporting. As businesses grow and technology stacks become more complex, this manual approach becomes increasingly inefficient, leading to a backlog of security tasks. 

Wiz offers security teams comprehensive visibility into misconfigurations, malware, vulnerabilities, secrets, and sensitive data. It consolidates and prioritizes the risks in your cloud environment, allowing for a clear visualization of potential attack paths. This streamlines risk assessment, eliminates alert fatigue, and reduces the manual effort required to correlate multiple signals, providing a single, clear view of complex cloud risks. 

For example, Royal Dutch Shell, a leading energy company, enhanced its cloud security posture with Wiz to reduce critical threat detection time from up to 14 days to nearly real-time. By dramatically reducing the mean time to identify and remediate critical risks, Wiz helps Royal Dutch Shell rapidly improve their security posture. This illustrates the impact of full visibility, resulting in a heightened cloud security posture, in turn lowering the risk of a security incident and its associated financial cost. 

Complete visibility and improved risk posture are the primary business outcomes of implementing Wiz, but its impact extends beyond this. Let's explore how Wiz simplifies cloud security while significantly improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs. 

Increase your operational efficiency 

Vendor tool sprawl and shelf-ware are common concerns for organizations adopting and operationalizing security solutions. There is often a focus on point solutions for individual security domains, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs. In response, Wiz consolidates across several security domains, saving licensing fees, infrastructure costs, and time spent managing disparate tools. 

Blackstone, a leader in private equity and asset management, found value in Wiz's ability to consolidate critical capabilities into a single platform.

Although we could have had similar capabilities with multiple products, integrating them together was challenging for us since we had limited resources. We appreciated that Wiz's product was able to consolidate five key capabilities that we felt were important to securing our cloud environment using a single platform.

Adam Fletcher, Chief Security Officer at Blackstone

Moreover, implementing Wiz leads to a single pane of glass and reduces alert fatigue and time taken to identify and remediate security issues. This is a huge boost to the productivity of cloud security teams.  

The operational efficiency that can be gained by improved productivity of the security team is well demonstrated by Atlan, a metadata platform. Atlan benefited from Wiz's unified solution, which eliminated the need to access disparate dashboards. By identifying toxic combinations and critical risks across the Atlan environment at cloud speed, Wiz enabled cost control, optimized resource utilization, and prioritized remediation. Atlan estimates that its Wiz implementation led to productivity gains equivalent to three full-time team members.  

Another benefit of getting full visibility into your cloud environment with Wiz is that it becomes easy to find unused or unnecessary cloud resources such as orphaned volumes and load balancers. Retiring these resources reduces your attack surface — thus improving your security posture and at the same time lowering your cloud bill.  

In essence, Wiz helps operationalize cloud security, thereby empowering cloud security teams to make more impactful and rapid decisions while reducing the overall total cost of cloud security ownership. 

Transform your cloud operating model 

Rapid cloud transformation has prompted businesses to experiment with democratizing security. Wiz plays a pivotal role in providing cloud-native protection throughout the software development lifecycle by automatically identifying and securing resources, from development to production environments. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scanning ensures that deployments adhere to security standards. Unified policies automatically validate security compliance, enabling DevOps teams to support security efforts and democratize security across the organization. 

FOX Corporation, a leading media and entertainment company, harnessed Wiz's capabilities to strengthen its security posture. The collaboration between engineers and security professionals at FOX, made possible by Wiz, resulted in more secure products and faster delivery across the organization.  

Pairing engineers who understand the risks with the tools to remediate them is incredibly powerful. There are 10X as many environment owners, developers, and engineers using Wiz than there are security team members at FOX. This helps us to ensure that the products shipped across over 1,000 technologists across the company have security baked in, which is beyond the impact that a small and mighty cybersecurity team can have alone.

Melody Hildebrandt, Chief Information Security Officer at FOX

This deep collaboration between the security and DevOps teams transforms the way organizations approach and operationalize their cloud security posture. 

Accelerate your business goals  

With a democratized approach and an improved risk posture, cloud security is no longer perceived as an obstacle that hinders business progress. In fact, a transformed cloud security operating model helps businesses accelerate project timelines, thereby driving key revenue-generating initiatives faster. Leading manufacturing company Avery Dennison experienced this benefit with Wiz.

Security cannot be a blocker. Our cloud journey is revolutionizing the company, so it’s critical we’re able to secure it. Wiz is our end-to-end platform for cloud security, and an important part of that journey. It’s been a game changer for us and the go-to security tool we use for our cloud infrastructure.

Jeremy Smith, VP of Information Security at Avery Dennison

The transition to the cloud is driven by the promise of business agility, scalability, and new business models. Achieving these promises hinges on a strong cloud security program that is both efficient and effective. By democratizing security across the board, organizations can expedite their journey toward realizing the business potential of the cloud. 

Start seeing your cloud  

From startups to established industry leaders — regardless of where your organization finds itself on its cloud journey — gaining deep, democratized visibility into your cloud environment is essential. Wiz is the unparalleled cloud security platform that identifies, correlates, and prioritizes all cloud risks while eliminating noise and delivering clear risk information to security and development teams. 

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